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re-paint of the legendary "FROG"-motorcycle study, 1973 , photo by Tom Vack

Corgi International's revolutionary H2Go hydrogen-powered Radio Control Car, recipient of the 2008 Toy Award at the 2008 Nüremberg International Toy Fair. Professor Luigi Colani was responsible for giving the H2Go a look as futuristic as the green energy technology inside the car. The H2Go is undoubtedly an important milestone in the toy industry and a genesis in the step towards a fully sustainable global toy market.

The car combines classic playability with zero emissions energy technology, engaging the user in the quest to diminish reliance on fossil fuels. Power for the H2Go is delievered by an on-board hydrogen fuel cell, where sun and water supply renewable, clean energy for unlimited play


In recognition of his creative contributions to our culture for more than 40 years ,

the ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN , Pasadena/California honored Prof. Colani

on July 15,2007 as one of the first recipients with the :  "DESIGN VISIONARY AWARD"

COLANI - In the beginning there was water

Knowing that all life evolved from water, Luigi Colani established the basic idea for the exceptional collection now presented by marburg wallcoverings. Colani created unique designs in the spirit of water in all its forms from drops to flowing waveformations. Matching together with entwined, mirrored ornaments, tightly gridded, in the unmistakable, biodynamic design language of Luigi Colani.

The designs were realized using extraordinary technical innovations. The interference glimmer shows a marked flip-flop effect. The colors change drastically, depending on the viewing angle. But the innovative highlight of the COLANI-collection are the softly shimmering pearls applied to the wallcovering, creating a look of precious refinement.

New as well, two dropshapes as a deco element, which may be applied at random to the wallcoverings or to the matching curtain panels. With these deco elements COLANI enters the third dimension.

The spectacular designs can be perfectly combined with differing stripe combinations, hammer stroke effects, and suede.

The colorspectrum is vitalized by the opposing movement of the multi-hued changing fond and the extremely matte overprints, allowing for no color definition. The color themes move between masculine greu-, nougat-, and burgundys and light offwhite, steelgrey, and silver, beige-, sand-, mauve,- and green tints.

The COLANI-collection can hardly be surpassed in raffinesse. Whereby the dramtic designs are in surprising contrast to the flowing, non-tangible, changing fonds. One has to see it!

Colani's own vision of a future "Harley Davidson"

Bio-City digitalized

Motor Home for Billionaires :

The ultimate organic design consists of 90% nature , 10% Colani and
combine it with a new component :  1000% luxury !

Colani "Anyfix"

The world’s first universal mobile phone charger is being introduced at CEBIT in march 2007.

The problem with cell phones is that it seems like every one of them requires a different charger. Professor Luigi Colani saw this not as a problem, but an opportunity. The result of this golden opportunity is the Colani Anyfix universal mobile phone charger.

The Colani Anyfix can recharge more than 80% of mobile phones on the market in Europe, and certainly recharges all of the major brand products. It is also terribly exclusive, in purest Colani style, which makes it as much of an object of art as it is a basic commodity! The Colani Anyfix plugs into the electrical outlet and the choice of suitable connector is a matter of just pressing a button. Professor Colani places great emphasis on the fact, that the Anyfix design is bio-design in its purest form. The main body as well as the dynamic arms of Anyfix have not been developed with trends or sales tactics in mind, but were take 1:1 from nature. The Colani Anyfix lends its unmistakable outline and shape from one of the fastest and most effective swimmers in the world: the Dytiskus Marginalis, an only approx. 3.5cm long beetle which can move under water at up to 4 meters per second due to its uniquely streamlined body shape.

Price and delivery date are not yet fixed. If you want to be added on the waiting list , please contact us by e-mail.

The Design Museum London will present the first UK retrospective of Colani's work in :

Luigi Colani - Translating Nature
from 3 March to 17 June 2007
Luigi Colani – Translating Nature, which will bring together Colani’s extraordinary large scale prototypes including aircraft, trucks and cars, as well as his streamlined furniture and product design.
The Design Museum London is the world's leading museum of 20th and 21st century design, architecture and fashion. www.designmuseum.org
  Luigi Colani awarded "Grandprix of Design 2007" by "Festival Automobile International" in Paris/France
  Vocable trainer for Grammy/Germany
  Colani lecture with Karim Rashid in Karlsruhe/Germany
  u rashid  
  Colani speech at "Designers week Tokyo"
  Thermal/SPA project for Friedrichshafen/Germany
  big studies by Colani at Pinakothek Museum Munich/Germany
  range of optical toys for kids , for Kosmos (2007)
  bathroom rug collection for Grund/Germany (2007)
  eyewear-collection 2008
(full pdf-catalogue, please check menu "gallery")


Colani by Schuetz , Rattan-collection 2006



"Life on board" , biggest single PR-campaign by Volvo cars ,
Titanium-award for best media 2005 with budget over 50 million US-$,
involving Prof. Luigi Colani in the spot , check under S-60 :

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limited edition , highly complicated self-produced chair in white and red colour available.



This extraordinary suite is synonymous with modern cosiness. Both chair and lounge chair are ergonomically designed and extremely comfortable. The fluid lines ease up austerely decorated rooms and create a vibrant atmosphere. Re-launch by Kusch + Co./Germany.



Colani lounge-chair sold for US-$ 55,200.-- on auction in New York !

Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg, New York City
The fact that furniture cataloged as Pop and Radical was enthusiastically embraced by a group of contemporary art collectors boosted this corner of the market to new heights. A rare TV-Relax recliner by Luigi Colani, of organically formed foam rubber upholstered in turquoise blue stretch fabric, sold for $55,200 (est. $22,000/25,000).


Famous musicians like Lenny Kravitz and Prince are playing on the piano "designed by Colani" :
PEGASUS , produced by Schimmel/Germany

"Homelink" embraces the internet-surfer like a curled leaf hugs the caterpillar

the organic-dynamic design has been borrowed from nature
no sharp edges, neither beginning nor end are discernible
the sculptural characteristics of the table are so enticing that one wants to touch and feel it
"Homelink" touches our mulitsensory perceptibility
"Homelink" is out of this world.

The new uniforms for the police Hamburg/Germany
november 2003
u u


Colani Toilet Seat
A specialised seat recommended for ambulant persons with its gentle curves and ergonomic contour zones providing perfect support and stability for the pelvic region. The design is particularly suitable for persons suffering from progressive muscular dystrophy. Special rotatable buffers are incorporated to give extra stability during sideways transfers


Airbrush design for Harder & Steenbeck/Germany


Coffin design for Epocca/Germany

Lift /-elevators-design for Förster-Germany

the first lifts to hoist material or people up and down over cliffs or in shafts may have been in operation as far back as 300 BC. They were operated with man and/or animal power, pretty primitive and not very safe.
They were certainly not designed by Luigi Colani.

With the centuries came some mechanical improvements for more efficiency and greater capacity, though safety was a lesser concern, especially in the mines during the early industrialization.
They too were certainly not designed by Luigi Colani.

The early 19th century brought further development in the up and down transportation of material and passengers, the first hydraulic lifts came into use, driven with water power, later steam and in 1856 the first passenger lift was installed in New York. In the 1880s Werner von Siemens constructed the first elevator with an electric motor.
Also that electric Lift was not designed by Luigi Colani.

Since then Elevators have been installed all over the world, electrically driven and electronically controlled. But who did not at times have worries, doubts or even fear when entering a Lift? The modern Lifts are perfectly safe and reliable. Still, one does not have to suffer from Claustrophobia to feel reluctant when entering a Lift and letting out a deep sigh in relief when leaving it.
Because these Lifts were not designed by Luigi Colani.

But now there are good news. Luigi Colani has been approached by Heinz Förster GmbH to design an Elevator that does not give the passenger the impression of entering a confined area where he feels cramped into a small space, restricted in his/her movements, but that to the contrary the Interior of the Lift shall give a feeling of safety, of space, of a certainly intimacy and familiarity. And it so happened that Luigi Colani designed a Lift, or rather he gave the Lifts interior a new look that gives the passenger the feeling of travelling in safety and comfort.
Once given the assignment Colani did not waste any time and his early sketches, studies and blueprints were expected with suspense and excitement and soon the first prototypes were already being developed. With the walls slightly curved, the handrail at the right hight and other fine details giving the perfect psychological effect, the passenger feels safe and comforted.


Prof. Colani at opening ceremony of the exhibition in Karlsruhe/Germany


Design by Colani, produced by ABB : Torch for Special Olympics 2004



Cantilever lounger
The Colani cantilever lounger is a jewel for exclusive settings. Whether indoors, outdoors or placed in a pool area, the high-quality materials withstand all weathers and are absolutely hygienic. Extraordinary people choose extraordinary objects for their living space: a synthesis of elegance and luxury.
Combine the highest-quality materials with Swiss precision and bold design. The result is a world first: a cantilever lounger made of glass. In the hands of Luigi Colani, cool and ultra-robust design glass is transformed into an object of delicacy and seeming weightlessness. The flexible reclining surface is tensioned across an elegant stainless steel frame. Its contours accommodate your own while you muse, relax, read, flirt...

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