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The earth is round, all the heavenly bodies are round; they all move on round or elliptical orbits. This same image of circular globe-shaped mini worlds orbiting around each other follows us right down to the microcosmos. We are even aroused by round forms in species propagation related eroticism. Why should I join the straying mass who want to make everything angular? I am going to pursue Galileo Galilei`s philosophy: my world is also round." Luigi Colani.
1928 Born in Berlin, father comes from Madulain near St. Moritz in Switzerland
1946 Study of sculpture at the Akademie der Künste Berlin
1948 Study of aerodynamics at the Sorbonne in Paris
1953 Head of New Materials project group at McDonell-Douglas in California
1954 Golden Rose, Geneva, for special Fiat bodywork, originator of Fiat designs for the coming years
1957 Colani Alfa is the first sportscar to drive round the Nürburgring and clocked a lap in under 10 minutes; can now be seen in the Martini Rosso Museum
1958 Racing catamaran success in Hawaii
1959 World`s first monocoque sportscar: BMW 700
1960 World`s first kit car in series: 1700 cars, Colani GT
1965 World-wide success with furniture design: Asko, Fritz-Hansen, Cor, Kusch+Co.
1966 Sports coupé, IAA Frankfurt
1970 Headquarters with major design team at Harkotten Castle near Sassenberg, Germany. Enourmous success, work and exhibitions world-wide for nearly all companies of major repute
1972 First contacts with Japanese companies
1973 First Far East study trip; Japan recognizes Colani`s potential. Invitation by five companies to establish a Colani Design Center Japan. Rosenthal`s Teapot Drop designed by Colani in Cooper-Hewitt Museum in N.Y.
1976 Construction of first plastic sports airplane with Wankel-engine: Fanliner
1978 Revolutionary trucks, aircraft, car and ship studies at exhibitions world-wide
1981 Economy world record Colani 2CV, 1.7 litres for 100km
1982 Relocation to Japan
1983 Professor in Japan/Tokyo
1984 No. 1 industrial designer in Japan; Otaru exhibition, 60m large shell
1985 World: Colani Robot Theatre number 1 at the Tokyo Tsukuba Expo
1986 Golden Camera Award for the Canon T-90. Colani motorcycle world record in Italy. Foundation of the Colani Design Bern, Switzerland
1987 Colani exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris. Car design for Mazda, Japan. Pen design for Pelikan, Germany
1988 Toulouse and Bremen branch offices. Professor h.c. of the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Bremen.Preparation on a wide-scale basis for record speed on land, water and air and economy world records in Utah, USA
1989 SONY headphones by Colani in Museum of Modern Art, New York. Formation of the company Colani Trading AG in Zürich, Switzerland
1990 Exhibition in Car Museum of Paris; Presentation of the new SWISSAIR uniforms designed by Colani
1991 Creation of optical frames and jewellery collection; world record with Colani Ferrari on the Salt Lake in Utah, USA
1992 Computer mouse design for Sicos; creation of the Colani cosmetics range; Colani signs a contract with Europe`s biggest computer chain VOBIS, Germany
1993 Presentation of the Colani field glasses; Shopping center exposition through Switzerland
1994 Colani Vobis Highscreen computer gets award for the Computer of the Year 1994. Cooperation with Carl Zeiss Jena
1995 Cologne, Germany opens new head office of Colani`s design works. Designs for major companies in the construction and building industry. China`s ambassador invited Colani for future projects to Shanghai, China, and he gets a professor title of the most famous University of Shanghai, Tongji
1996 Office furniture designs for Grahl, Michigan USA. Architecture project presentation for Shanghai, China, called Bio-City
1997 Creation of the new piano for SCHIMMEL, famous piano constructor. Start of the DESIGN-show through more than 30 shopping centers in Germany
1998 Start of a bank-terminal design project with one of the world´s leading computer manufacturers. Design for a new microscope and photo camera at the Colani Shanghai office. Water-bottle design for CAROLINEN-Brunnen-Germany.
1999 Presentation of a new "shower" (bathroom-combination)-generation for the German company DUSAR. Furniture project with Kusch + Co., Germany. A world leader of porcelain, ROSENTHAL, Germany , plans to promote a special edition of the famous teapot "Drop" designed by Colani
2000 "Human-City" architecture model by MW Energie AG-Mannheim-Germany. COLANI-optical-frames presentation at optical-shows in Milano, Paris and Las Vegas.
2001 Design for a new microscope and photo camera (for Seagull) at the Colani Shanghai office.
6 exhibitions through shopping-malls (ECE-group) throughout Germany. COLANI-Calendar for Castrol-Germany.
2002 Leading Swiss mineral-water company VALSER (aquired by Coca-Cola in 2002) presents new bottle-design by Colani.
Start of another exhibtion-tour through over 25 shopping-malls (until 2004) by ECE-Group.
Opening of a world-leading Design-museum, Pinakothek , in Munich-Germany (including serveral COLANI-designs).
Spitzer-Silo presents new COLANI-truck at IAA-Hannover-Germany.
2003 uniforms designed for the police Hamburg/Germany.
For hp-aircraft.de : design of the tt-62-plane - over 40 units of this business-jet sold already!
Futuristic car design : Speedster shark (see "Visions")
2004 Guest Speaker and Presenter at World Economic Forum WEF in Davos/Switzerland.
Porcelain giftware creations (Cappuccino,Espresso mugs).
"Life on Board" project for VOLVO cars
House design for Hanse-Haus/Germany
2005 Design study for a passenger airplane with 1,000 seats
Study for a robot shaped like a baby
Completion of a series of 140 sculptures of athletes for the Olymic Games in Beijing
Participation in the "Germany in Japan 2005-6" event in the form of the "Colani Back in Japan" exhibition in the Museum for Kunst and Design attached to the Kyoto Institute of Technology
Completion of a Colani Supertruck with extreme streamlining Colani lecture at Nancyhalle/Karlsruhe with Karim Rashid Tokyo Designers Week speech in Tokyo


Award "Grand Prix du Design" by Festival Automobil International Grand Palais Paris
Winner of the FX Lifetime Contribution Award London
Translating Nature" - exhibition at the Design Museum London

Design Studio opening in Beihai, southern China. Beihai is predicted  to be the world's fastest growing city from now 2006 to 2020

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